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Here at Gretzinger Landscaping & Evergreens, LLC we strive to make your project stand out from the rest. Gathering your thoughts at our free consultation and our ideas we will go outside the box to make your project extraordinaire! We plot a design on an 8“ x 11“ or our 18“ x 24“ sheet of draft paper, depending your project, you will get a great visual of a finished product.

Have a hill that keeps washing out or tired of dragging out those extra lawn chairs when company comes over to enjoy your new patio. We will make your life easier. We construct seat walls around that new patio and many combinations of retaining walls along with above or an in ground fire pit. We work with large outcropping stone, colorful fieldstone, treated timbers, and concrete block. We go above and beyond to make sure to have the proper foundation the base. Our block and wood walls have proper drainage system behind them along with a geo grid system that anchors the walls into the hill to prevent sagging or a failure. It’s not only important to us what your project looks like when we are done but what will it look like in ten to twenty years.


We can remove that old cracked concrete patios or decks, and design the best project to meet your needs. We install permeable pavers, regular pavers, along with slabs of flagstone. These can be level with the ground or raised up to your patio doors with custom steps coming off the patio. Another aspect of our company is being creative with a border around your house or property by using the brick pavers in a unique way to create curb appeal. Make that area down by the water usable. We have performed colorful slabs of concrete used for steps or our custom timber steps with pavers or granite inside.

Another alternative to installing a retaining wall on a hill is be creative with it and put in a waterfall. You don't necessary have to have a hill to install them on, we can haul fill in and build it up.

We make sure your lawn or planting bed has sufficient coverage to leave no dry spots using the head to head method. We want your lawn golf course ready and plants to thrive like a botanical garden. Your system will be self-draining, eliminating winterizing cost. If you live on a body of water we can install a pump to use the natural resources.

Whether you want privacy or just to keep that family pet in, we can help! Our company installs wood, vinyl, and chain link fencing.

Getting water in your basement or crawl space? We can direct your storm water away from your house whether we install sewer pipe or a swale in the soil, we will do our best to protect your property.

If you want that instant lawn or have an area that keeps washing out will take care of the problem. We install the small 6 ft. roles of sod or the larger rolls which are sixty feet in length which we use on our larger applications. Built that new house and need grass? We will use your topsoil on site or haul some in. We have the equipment to do the proper grading and leveling. We cover all our new seedlings with a straw mulch to kick start germination and help reduce washing out. Ask about how to get a free lawn treatment? We are certified in turf and landscape herbicides. Sometimes we will include a free treatment if we install your lawn. Whether you hire us to take care of it or do it yourself, we will make sure your on that right track.

Instead of cutting that tree down you bought a couple years ago where you want to put up a new garage, hire us to move it for you. We can move it to another location at a fraction of the cost on purchasing another tree. We can move evergreens up to 5 inches at the base and deciduous trees up to 4 inches at the base.

We provide snow removal of walkways, decks, driveways and parking lots. We are 24 hrs on call to assure you get to that doctors appointment, family doing, or work on time. In the event of an ice storm we also offer salting services.

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